When Safety Meets Precision

Elmo’s motion solutions are ideal for the ever-advancing world of Medical equipment. Whether in the operating room, life sciences, or lab automation applications, Elmo’s advanced servo technology can help you get more speed and throughput without compromising precision and safety.

Precision systems typically found in labs and operating rooms can enjoy the benefits of Elmo’s ultra-efficient, high power, miniature servo drive. Saving space, weight, and cabling is hugely advantageous for these systems, which are generally operated in small spaces, requiring absolute regulatory safety standards offered by Elmo solutions.

Safe, reliable, and extremely low EMI

Minimized product footprint coupled with an efficient PWM switching process. The drives enable meeting IEC61800-3 and IEC61326-3-1 international standards without using external devices, such as EMI filters. The conducted and radiated emissions are very low, making the drives suitable for medical applications.

Precise and Accurate Motion

Multi-axis synchronization with advanced servo control

Compact and Light

Extreme power density with minimal size and weight. The small yet powerful drives incorporate just the right algorithms to satisfy the need for speed, precision, accuracy and performance of the system.

Fan-Less Technology

99% Efficiency generates minimal heat thus reducing the need for cooling fans and heat sinks

Easy to Implement

The solution provides exceptionally high mean time between failures (MTBF), ease of implementation, operation, and upgradability.

Accurate Force Control

Continuous sensing ensures safety of surroundings.

Recommended Products

Elmo’s Platinum Motion controller is the industry standard in motion performance. Combined with Elmo’s Gold Whistle servo drivers, the precision and accuracy requirements for applications in the medical and lab automation industries can be met.

Case Studies

Fighting Covid-19 with an automated lab testing system powered by Elmo

Rapid testing is key to fighting Covid-19. An automated testing system, powered by Elmo drives, helps labs speed up the pace.

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Precise Elmo Power for Robotic Neurosurgery

In neurosurgery, the difference between helping and harming a patient can come down to microns. That’s why Imperial College London researchers turned to Elmo.

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Automated Medical Laboratories

Modern medical testing laboratories must automate their test procedures in order to lower costs and stay competitive.

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Motion Control at the Heart of Sophisticated Cardiac Imaging

For an advanced cardiac imaging system, the manufacturer needed a compact motion control solution with a fast serial communication channel.

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Advanced motion control optimizes the C-Arm for better healthcare imaging

Elmo’s Gold Maestro network controller solution frees up computer processing to support improved C-Arm performance and better healthcare delivery.

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