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The tech behind carpets tufting

It’s hard to imagine that one of the most ancient consumer products, dating back to biblical times, is responsible today for some of the most complex automation technologies. Carpet tufting machines are responsible for the automatic weaving of threads to create beautiful rugs in all shapes and colors.

Carpet tufting machines are driven by dozens and hundreds of motor in perfect synchronization to create different patterns and textures. Controlling these motors requires an advanced multi-axis motion controllers that must perfectly coordinate the motion, communicating with the servo drives over fast, real-time fieldbus communication.

Elmo’s Platinum Maestro motion-controller is helping tufting machines master extreme multi axis motion. With rich motion functionality for group motion, blending and transitions, high speed EtherCAT communication, and simple multi-axis implementation, it is the ideal motion controller for such complex tasks.

“Imagination is the True Magic Carpet”

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