‘In Target’ as well as ‘Motion Ended’ status reporting for any axis

Used In:

  • Both single and multi-axis motion applications

A user can define TargetRadius and TargetTime parameters for each axis. When a motion has ended, and the actual position of an axis is within the defined parameter, the InTarget bit is raised.

The trajectory to a final point is calculated based on speed, acceleration and deceleration parameters configured by a user.

The same G-MAS function is used to execute both modes. The PTP motion function is fully compatible with PLCopen standards.

For purposes of a MoveAndSettle, a user can measure the actual motion time and the profiler time

Once an axis is InTarget, a Motion Ended event can be sent to a requestor.

In multi-axis applications, after all Group members are InTarget, the Group enters the InTarget state, and a Motion Ended event can be sent to a requestor.

Design Features

  • InTarget support for single and multi-Axis applications
  • Send a ‘Motion Ended’ event upon user request
  • Provide overall motion and profiler time measurements for MoveAndSettle statistics
  • Dedicated status registers that report InTarget status (for both single and multi-axis applications), also at the data recording level.

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