Connect motion segments with smooth kinematics and geometric shapes

Used In:

  • Any application that requires the shortest possible time for motion execution

The G-MAS enables the blending of a path between any two consecutive motion segments to achieve smooth kinematics and geometric shapes, thereby reducing motion execution time.

It is made possible by combining the following techniques:

  • Blending — Blending between FB’s specifies the velocity that will be in the transition point. Blending serves the kinematic point of view.
  • Transition — Transition between FB’s defines the curve in a 3D space that will connect the segments. Transition serves the geometric point of view.

Design Features

The G-MAS supports the following blending modes:

  • Blending with low velocity
  • Blending with high velocity
  • Blending with velocity of previous segment
  • Blending with velocity of next segment

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