Compensation for minor anomalies in analog sensors

Used In:

  • Analog Sin/Cos functionality
  • Resolver operations
  • Hiperface® analog signals

In practice, analog encoders can sometimes produce minor signal anomalies or inaccuracies, due to manufacturing deviations and other causes.

Elmo drives feature analog signal correction functions to compensate for the following signal errors:

  • Amplitude Mismatch. Amplitudes of the sine and cosine signals are different:
  • Phase Mismatch. Phase between the sine and cosine signals is not 90°:
  • Signal Offset. Signal DC part is not zero:
  • Results of any corrections are displayed as the recorded signal and corrected signal over time in a Lissajous figure:

Design Features

  • Built-in tuner automatically calibrates and compensates for feedback inaccuracies
  • User can manually adjust each mismatch, if needed