MIMO control structure solution for Planar X/Y systems

Used In:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing (OLED, LCD, FPD)
  • Inspection and scanning systems
  • Pick and place machines
  • 2-dimensional stages Drive tuning

Planar X/Y stages provide outstanding precision and planar flatness. They are used in a growing variety of applications in semiconductor manufacturing and general industry.

Advanced Planar X/Y systems use special control structures based on multi-input multi-output (MIMO) algorithms, supporting very complex motions.  These systems must be capable of fast communications, dynamic error correction, and also be able to work in a network.

Elmo provides a highly efficient, Master-Slave MIMO configuration for Planar X/Y.  It can be implemented either as a standalone or a distributed network motion control solution.  Elmo’s control structure uses a standard configuration control loop, making it simpler to implement than other Planar X/Y systems.

Elmo’s implementation also simplifies drive configuration and tuning as well as cabling requirements.


Design Features

  • Multi-input Multi-output (MIMO) algorithm implementation
  • Uses Elmo’s Master/Slave configuration and standard control loop
  • Both cyclic position (IP CANopen) and PP schemes can be used
  • Provides 1D/2D dynamic error correction
  • Network-based solution, enabling a modular system
  • Fast, differentially immune communication between all drives
  • MIMO-Based Control for Planar X/Y Stages

Elmo provides an advanced MIMO-based motion control solution for both Gantry and Planar X/Y systems.

Elmo Application Study: MIMO-Based Motion Control for Planar XY

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