Enable DS-402 Position Range Limit (0x607B) functionality

Used In:

  • Rotary table applications
  • Rotary robot axes applications
  • Conveyor belt applications

Modulo counting is used in applications that require the motor position to be counted cyclically. The motor position is typically counted upon full mechanical rotation of the load.

Depending on the application, the following modulo movement types are possible:

When the load points in a given direction, the encoder readout is always the same, no matter how many full rotations have been made.

In general, it is preferable for a modulo function to calculate the shortest way to achieve full rotation. The following example graph depicts two movements in shortest way modulo mode, with the modulo defined between 0 and 1000 counts:

Design Features

  • Optional 32-bit modulo motion mode enables interface to a 64-bit master
  • Modulo range is specified in user-defined position units, according to DS402

For further information and support click here.

For further information and support click here.