Use Sine Sweep to find the frequency response of your system

Used In:

  • Velocity and position loop tuning
  • Drive tuning

Sine sweeping is used during the drive tuning process to identify the frequency response of a machine and to characterize both velocity and position plants. The Sine sweep method transmits sine waves over a range of frequencies and then records the drive’s response to each frequency.

Sine Sweep is performed using the Elmo Application Studio (EAS), which provides a full set of control parameters:

  • Sine sweep results in a Bode plot displaying both velocity and position plants:

Following identification, the EAS is used to design and test controller mechanisms for the identified loops.

Design Features

  • Sine Sweep is integrated with the Elmo Application Studio as part of the Velocity and Position loops tuning process
  • Enables configuration of Current Level and Identification Tracking Limits limits for each sweep
  • Enables Carrier Current Wave and Current Offset for identification while a drive is in motion
  • Produces Bode plots to support Velocity and Position loop design and testing

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