Elmo was selected to the “Robotics Business Review 2019 RBR50 List” For a second straight year

Elmo Motion Control (Elmo), a global market leader of advanced servo and motion solutions, is proud to announce that it was chosen to the 2019 RBR50 list of top robotics companies. The 2019 RBR50 list is published by Robotics Business Review to recognize companies that represent the top leaders across the robotics landscape, and it is the most comprehensive list of robotics companies worth following. This year, the Robotics Business Review editorial team collaborated with global analysis firm IDC to choose the winners.

According to Robotics Business Review, hundreds of companies were researched across numerous robot categories, in order to identify companies that make truly innovative products, have achieved commercial success, and have transformed their vertical markets.

For 2019, RBR selected companies from commercial and industrial robotics categories, including component makers, collaborative robotics, autonomous mobile robots, artificial intelligence, healthcare and service robotics, and more.

This year Elmo presented to the BPR50 judges its upcoming groundbreaking technology – the Quartet – a miniature 4-axis motion control system with advanced multi-axis control, integrated 4 x 5kW powerful servo drives, with advanced safety and networking functionality. ). The Quartet is operated by a simple programming environment made for fast, smart, and easy implementations of any 4-axis application. The 4-axis module can operate as a stand-alone unit, as well as a standard EtherCAT node within a network. The extreme efficiency of the drives along with the tight integration of all components results in a full multi-axis control solution that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Demonstrating the “Cutting Costs by Better Technology”, the module leads to cost and space savings, minimal heat dissipation, less (and simpler) wiring & cabling, lower safety costs, and overall simplicity leading to shorter time to market. Due to its minimal size, this module can be mounted within the system as an integral part, and not in a traditional external cabinet. It is powerful enough to coordinate the multi axis motion of SCARA, Delta, Gantry, and other robot kinematics operating in high speeds and precisions.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected again for the 2019 RBR50,” said Haim Monhait, CEO of Elmo. “This recognition was achieved thanks to our team at Elmo and our dedication to developing breakthrough motion solutions for the robotic industry. With more than 30 years of experience in developing solutions for motion critical applications, Elmo stays focused on its mission – helping robots and machines manufacturers discover the full potential of their machine, by maximizing its performance, efficiency and throughput even in the most challenging conditions and environments.”