Elmo’s motion solutions are ideal for the ever-evolving world of Automated Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines require their own custom systems to perfect output and eliminate false rejections. It is for good reason the Elmo’s drives mounted directly on the axis, ultra- small servo with a size optimized electric cabinet and reduced settling time and higher system throughput have been chosen the world’s most AOI systems manufacturers in the industry. With Elmo, AOI systems can consistently maintain presence, position, quality and readability.

Smooth Motion

Achieving smooth velocity profile, allowing image capture without jitter.

High Flexibility

On the fly changes between high (400 mm/sec) to low speed (100 mm/sec).

Increased Troughput

Reducing scanning time & overall inspection time.

Fan-Less Technology

99% Efficiency generates minimal heat thus reducing the need for cooling fans and heat sinks

Easy to Implement

“Mount it anywhere” and the intuitive use of EASII shorten time to market.

Efficient Multi-Axis Synchronization

Precise Axis control made possible by advanced servo control

Recommended Products

With unparalleled size to power ration, Elmo’s drivers are the obvious choice for the Inspection industry, where safety and performance are as important as programmability and adaptability.


Smart, High Current Power Supply for Servo Applications – up to 60kW output power, up to 3X528VAC


The Tambourine (TAM-30) is Elmo’s compact, direct-to-mains power supply, designed for multiple servo drives.


The Tambourine (TAM-20) is Elmo’s compact, direct-to-mains power supply, designed for multiple servo drives.

Elmo in Inspection

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