Use CANopen DS402 motion control standard

Used In:

  •  Any application interfacing with EtherCAT DS402 devices

Elmo’s G-MAS fully supports the EtherCAT adoptation of the DS402 standard.

Motion profiles that are supported include:

  • Cyclic sync position
  • Cyclic sync velocity
  • Cyclic sync torque
  • Profile position
  • Profile velocity

The G-MAS enables the user to send Service Data Objects (SDOs) to a network device with the same interface specifications as a CANopen device.

EtherCAT network configuration is easy and efficient using Elmo Application Studio (EAS).

Design Features

  • Automatic scanning and populating of devices to the network tree
  • Process data mapping via the configuration tool
  • Support for 3rd party devices
  • Enables easy sending of Service Data Objects (SDOs)
  • Distributed clocks synchronization
  • EtherCAT CoE PDO List
  • Ethercat Mailbox Settings
  • Sending SDO to the Drive via Dedicated API
  • Sending Motion Commands to G-MAS via EAS
  • Presentation: Multi-Axis Position Control by EtherCAT
    • EtherCAT Applications Overview
    • EtherCAT Control Approach
    • EtherCAT Data Processing
    • Time Synchronization Requirements in Distributed Systems
    • EtherCAT Distributed Clock Mechanism
    • EtherCAT and Motion Control
    • Servo Drives, DS 402 Device Profiles and CoE
    • Practical Real-Time Control Networks Inputs / Outputs Synchronization Requirements


  • Presentation: G-MAS and EtherCAT
    • Why Is EtherCAT Configurator Necessary?
    • Slave FMMU/SM Page
    • Master Quick Settings Page
    • EtherCAT Configurator
    • Supported 3rd Party

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