Standard device communications via Ethernet/IP adaptor

Used In:

  • Ethernet/IP network device applications

The G-MAS is easily added to a standard Ethernet/IP network by simply defining or developing the G-MAS as an Ethernet/IP adapter. Using this tool builds a Ethernet/IP communications layer between the G-MAS and external devices (for instance, Rockwell PLC Clients).

A programmer need not be fluent in CIP or Ethernet/IP interfaces, or even TCP/IP Socket interfaces, in order to use Ethernet/IP tasks. The G-MAS provides the Ethernet/IP communications interface via C/C++ libraries.

Design Features

  • Programmable device tags
  • Programmable adapter tags
  • Assemblies
  • Special configuration of Producer/Consumer tags
  • IEC function blocks for Ethernet/IP tags.

The G-MAS supports Ethernet IP as an Adapter device (Server). A Scanner device is required in order to connect to the G-MAS.

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