Standard host interfaces with automated connection features

Used In:

  • All applications
  • Training sessions

The Gold Maestro (G-MAS) uses today’s standard communication protocols and interfaces to connect to host PCs:

  • Ethernet port for network communications in applications
  • Local USB port for configuration communications

The G-MAS supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols.

You connect a G-MAS Ethernet port to a host PC either directly or through a standard hub, switch or router. ֲ Either a direct or cross CAT5e Ethernet cable is acceptable.

The Elmo Application Studio (EAS) includes a simple tool for fast configuration of Ethernet TCP/IP communications between a G-MAS and a host PC.

Design Features

  • Supports all major communications protocols
  • Automatic network scanning to locate G-MAS devices and define IP addresses
  • Automatic host IP address definition
  • Ability to change a G-MAS Ethernet address via local USB connection

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