Full control over position, velocity and time parameters

Used In:

  • Any application where full control is required over motion trajectory PVT
  • Applications requiring on-the-fly PVT properties

Position, velocity and time (PVT) motion is a table-based motion, requiring that each axis adheres to a list of Positions specified in the table at defined Times. The same table also specifies the Velocity at which each axis should be running for each Position point.

The G-MAS can run a PVT trajectory from a file, or run a dynamic PVT table, where the user can add PVT properties while the motion is being executed (‘on-the-fly’).

PVT motion type is a convenient method for running through several Position spots without stopping the axis. PVT motion is restricted to “Interpolated Position” or “Cyclic Position” motion modes where the G-MAS calculates and performs the trajectory.

Design Features

  • File and array tables
  • Cyclic/non-cyclic mode support
  • The processes of loading the data and moving are completely separate
  • The interpolation between 2 adjacent points is performed according to cubic polynomial formula
  • Single- and multi-axes
  • Append on-the-fly
  • Time absolute/relative
  • Position absolute/relative
  • Path calculation is performed on-the-fly, therefore appending points is enabled

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