Construct simple machine sequences to be used as part of machine motion

Used In:

  • Application development stages
  • Designing motion trajectories
  • Testing motion sequences
  • Executing repetitive sequences during testing

The G-MAS point-to-point (PTP) motion capability has two modes:

  • A simple PTP motion that allows driving an axis from its present position to a final point and zero speed. In this mode  the axis remains in its final position.
  • A complex PTP motion that allows terminating a PTP motion while the motion trajectory is still being executed, and setting a new target position “on-the-fly”.

The trajectory to a final point is calculated based on speed, acceleration and deceleration parameters configured by a user.

The same G-MAS function is used to execute both modes. The PTP motion function is fully compatible with PLCopen standards.

Design Features

  • Ideal for creating both simple and complex machine motion sequences
  • PTP motion is controlled by input parameters that include: position, speed, acceleration, deceleration and jerk.
  • The same G-MAS function is used for simple and complex PTP motions
  • Fully compatible with the PLCopen MC_Moveabsolute function
  • The same G-MAS function is used for both EtherCAT Cyclic position and CANopen Interpolated and Profile Position modes

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