Clear and simple Automatic/Manual Controller design methods

Used In:

  • Any servo system

Elmo’s advanced Automatic Controller design methods enable the user to build a robust controller for all plants in all frequencies.

The available listed design methods are part of Elmo’s Application Studio II (EASII):

    • Advanced Controller– PI controller with best LPF and notch filters, for a specified
      Stability margins
    • PI Controller – PI controller gains
    • PI Controller+ LPF – PI controller gains with single LPF @800Hz (common systems)
    • Refine Tuning – Refine the PI controller gains design for any pre-defined advanced filters
    • Manual design – For experienced engineer

Choose the desire control method

Two additional filters will be added according to the system plant in the advanced controller method.

Advanced control design results viewing

Design Features

  • Automatic control design with the EASII Expert Tuning Wizard
  • Ready to use control methods – simplifies the whole calibration process
  • Flexible design method – enables combining automatic and manual designs for improved performance
  • Advanced controller- adds automatically Low-Pass and Notch filter to the controller

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