Use CANopen DS301 device with DS402 motion control

Used In:

  • Any application interfacing with CANopen DS301 devices

Elmo’s G-MAS fully supports CANopen DS402 motion devices. All G-MAS operations related to DS402 devices are compatible to CiA DS402 and CiA DS301 standards.

G-MAS controls DS402 devices in NC and Distributed modes and supports the following motion profiles:

    • Profile position
    • Profile velocity
    • Interpolated position
    • Homing mode

The user may also add a generic DS301 device to the device tree and communicate with the device using the CiA DS301 standard.

Design Features

  • Support for multiple motion modes
  • Full compatibility with DS301 and DS402 standards
  • Ability to work both in NC and Distributed modes
  • Commonly used automatic PDO mapping can be performed at G-MAS startup or during run time
  • User may map additional PDOs for generic data access
  • User may configure initial SDOs to be sent automatically at G-MAS startup
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