Improved slave axis performance with serial CANopen communications

Used In:

  • Any ECAM application using multiple slave axes in addition to the main axis

The G-MAS fully supports DS406 device profiles for encoding on the CANopen network.

Using an encoder improves system performance by transferring the master axis position to the slave axis using the CANopen network. In this way, the encoder signal is transferred rapidly and is less sensitive to external noise.

By utilizing the serial CANopen communication channel, there is no need to add additional wiring from the master axis to each slave axis.

This slave-to-master axis positioning uses electronic cam (ECAM) technology, which brings significant indirect savings when transitioning from mechanical equipment to an electronic system.

Elmo’s distributed communication network topology also ensures improved efficiency of the G-MAS and each individual drive in the system for DS406 applications.

Design Features

  • Full compatibility and support for CANopen DS406 encoding
  • Synchronization performed by the G-MAS
  • Encoder interacts directly with the G-MAS
  • All DS406 configuration is performed using the G-MAS program

Presentation: What Is CANopen?

  • Basic Terms
  • DS301 and its Derivatives
  • DS402 Profiles
  • NMT- Network Management
  • Heartbeat and Emergency
  • Service Data Objects
  • Process Data Objects
  • Examples