Advanced real-time network status and diagnostics data

Used In:

  • Any CANopen application
  • Host software, IEC or G-MAS environments

Elmo’s G-MAS multi-axis controller provides an advanced tool for viewing CANopen network diagnostics. The tool provides real time diagnostics regarding the network status.

Elmo’s G-MAS multi-axis controller provides real-time CAN bus network status and data. With the CAN bus network diagnosic tool, the user can trace network problems and locate its source – for instance, in situations where a device has been disconnected or was configured incorrectly.

Real-time network diagnostics are available when using the CANopen error control HEARTBEATs mechanism.

Design Features

  • The following information is available using CANopen diagnostics too be obtained:
    • CAN bus baud rate
    • Number of active nodes on the bus
    • Number of inactive nodes
    • The state of each node (enabled/disabled)
    • The type of each node (DS402, DS401, DS406)
    • The model type of each Elmo drive
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