Control all compliant EtherCAT devices, together with G-MAS devices

Used In:

  • Any application using 3rd party EtherCAT DS402 devices

Elmo’s Gold Maestro (G-MAS) multi-axis controller is compliant with EtherCAT device standards and fully supports 3rd party EtherCAT devices. The G-MAS can control motion for any EtherCAT compliant DS402 slave devices, as well as Elmo devices.

A powerful feature of the G-MAS is the ability to combine Elmo drives in the same EtherCAT network with 3rd party drives when the G-MAS is acting as the EtherCAT master.

EoE provides a direct and easy interface to Elmo’s drives instead of connecting the USB cable to the drive. All drive functionalities can now be performed via the EoE gateway connection. All the user needs to do is define a network address to the drive, and everything is ready.

Design Features

  • Supports a hybrid network of Elmo devices together with 3rd party devices
  • Automatic scanning and configuration of devices in the network tree
  • Data mapping via the EAS Configurator tool.
  • Distributed clocks synchronization

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