Direct device access via the network for updates and control

Used In:

  • Any EtherCAT network that uses G-MAS and Elmo drives

Elmo’s Gold Maestro (G-MAS) multi-axis controller fully supports the following EtherCat protocols:

  • CoE  – CANopen over EtherCAT
  • FoE  – Download firmware to Elmo drives on the network
  • EoE  – Ethernet over EtherCAT enabling communication with an Elmo drive via its native language

FoE support means that the user can update network drive firmware in a single click, without the need for additional cable connections or hassles. All drive firmware updates are performed using the Elmo Application Studio (EAS)

EoE support means that the user can easily and directly interface to a drive via the network instead of connecting a local USB cable for access. All drive functionalities are then performed via an EoE gateway connection. The user only needs to define a network address for the drive, and connection is instant.

Design Features

  • Initutive graphical user interface
  • Fast and easy firmware download to all drives in the network – no need for additional cabling
  • Use G-MAS as a gateway to the drive and send direct commands – no need for additional cabling
  • Enables use of a single network (EtherCAT) for all activities
  • Simplifies drive configuration, motion tuning and many other activities
  • Presentation: G-MAS and EtherCAT
    • Why Is EtherCAT Configurator Necessary?
    • Slave FMMU/SM Page
    • Master Quick Settings Page
    • EtherCAT Configurator
    • Supported 3rd Party
    • New G-MAS EtherCAT Tools



  • Presentation: EtherCAT Overview
    • EtherCAT Introduction
    • Frame Structure and Functionality
    • CoE / EoE / FoE
    • EtherCAT Timing (Drive level)

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