Automatic configuration of EtherCAT IO devices

Used In:

  • Any application involving EtherCAT IO

Elmo’s G-MAS multi-axis controller supports a growing number of 3rd party IO devices.

The Elmo Application Studio (EAS) automatically detects EtherCat compliant devices added to the network. Once detected, they are configured and displayed in the EtherCat network tree. The user can choose the default process data configuration or can change configuration parameters according to device and network specifications.

Upon automatic configuration, an EtherCAT device can be used instantly and is included in the network diagnostic tool statistics. Device process data is updated and transferred cyclically through the network as part of normal G-MAS EtherCat activities.

OMRON Corporation

  • GX-MD1618 e-CON Connectors

Beckhoff Automation GmbH

  • EL1502 2Ch. +/- Counter 24V, 100kHz
  • EL2521 1Ch. Pulse Train Output
  • EL2502 2Ch. PWM output, 24V
  • EL2004 4Ch. Dig. Output 24V, 0.5A
  • EK1101-0080 EtherCAT Coupler
  • EL2809 16Ch. Dig. Output 24V, 0.5A

Phoenix Contact

  • AXL DO 8/2-2A-ME, 8 Output 24 V DC

WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

  • 750-354 EtherCat fieldbus coupler
  • 750-612 Supply Module 24 V DC / 230 V AC/DC
  • 750-530 8-Channel Digital Output Module 24 V DC
  • 750-1405 16-Channel Digital Input Module 24 V DC
  • 750-559 4-Channel Analog Output Module ±10 V/0-10 V
  • 750-456 2 Channel Analog Input Module ±10 V
  • GX-MD1618 e-CON Connectors

Design Features

  • Devices automatically scanned and entered to the network tree
  • Process data mapping via the configuration tool
  • Easy to use APIs for IO operations

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