Advanced real-time network status and diagnostics data

Used In:

  • Networks using EtherCAT protocol
  • Any application interfacing with EtherCAT IOs and drives

Elmo’s G-MAS multi-axis controller provides an advanced tool for viewing EtherCAT network diagnostics. The tool provides real time diagnostics regarding the network status.

Network diagnostics can be performed while motion windows are open and axes are in motion.

Diagnostic functions include a free run mode to monitor the EtherCAT network, as well as online read and write access to the EtherCAT slave CoE object dictionary and statistical EtherCAT data access.

The diagnostics tool is part of Elmo’s Elmo Application Studio (EAS).

Design Features

  • Graphical user interface showing master and slave diagnostics and statistics
  • Real-time diagnostics for master and slave EtherCAT states
  • User diagnostics include:
    • Configuration and Initialization Errors
    • Lost Links
    • Send / Receive Errors
    • Invalid Frames
    • Working Counters

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