Complete development and debugging environment for Gold Maestro

Used In:

  • Any applications that use inter-process communication (IPC)

The G-MAS Developer Studio (GDS) is an integrated development and debugging environment customized to work with Elmo’s Gold Maestro multi-axis motion controller.

The GDS incorporates all the features of a standard development environment, allowing a programmer to create C/C++ projects, edit, debug and compile source code, and run software.

Elmo’s G-MAS multi-axis controller allows users to develop and run C /C++ programs within a G-MAS target CPU. It can also be run independently in the G-MAS and react to triggers sent from external user interfaces, such as HMI and PC controllers.

By offering a single, unified environment for the entire development process, the GDS makes it easier and faster to create new G-MAS applications. The GDS installation includes example templates for writing efficient code, handling input, output and Host communications, error handling and other standard tasks.

Design Features

  • Full-featured editing and debugging facilities
  • Establish communications with the G-MAS
  • Download programs to the G-MAS
  • Run and debug G-MAS software
  • Use a terminal
  • Attach to G-MAS to debug a running program
  • Presentation: GDS Basics
    • Installing the GDS
    • Starting GDS for the first time
    • Create a peer-to-peer connection to G-MAS
  • Presentation: GDS Perspectives
    • C/C++ Perspective
    • Debug Perspective
    • Remote System Explorer Perspective
  • Presentation: Managing GDS Projects, Code & Templates
      • Creating a new G-MAS project
      • Branching From an Existing Project
      • Importing a Project
      • Importing a Source File
      • Writing Code
      • Debugging an Application
      • Releasing an Application
      • Working with Templates
  • Presentation: C++ Programming with G-MAS API
    • G-MAS Programming Methods
    • Preferred Methods
    • C++ Advantages
  • Presentation: G-MAS API Components
      • API Component Divisions/Categories
      • Program Initializations
      • Network Diagnostics
      • Axis and Group States


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