Support for all essential kinematic transformation types

Used In:

  • Robotic applications
  • Applications using mechanics represented by clearly-defined mathematics

Kinematic transformations are an essential feature of motion control systems today.

The G-MAS enables application engineers to work within a Tool-Center-Point (TCP) system framework, without the need to perform exact displacement calculations for each axis to reach the desired position.  Using G-MAS, once the engineer has defined the mechanical system with application-specific parameters, only the End Effector (EE) would need to be addressed during actual work.

Kinematic transformations are used wherever the mechanical system can be represented by a clearly defined set of mathematical instructions, for example these different robot types:

Design Features

Three kinematic transformations types are supported:

  • PCS – MCS transformation
  • MCS – ACS transformation
    • Cartesian Machine systems:
  • Delta Robot Machine systems:
  • Linear transformation of the ACS
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