Ability to impose an additional profiler onto an ongoing motion

Used In:

  • Single and multi-axis applications
  • Where an end position is unknown and dynamic during the motion

The G-MAS fully supports superimposing a motion — the ability to impose an additional profiler on top of an ongoing motion in real time.

This capability is widely used when the end position of a motion is unknown and needs to change during the motion without crossing the initial location.

For example, when a scanning camera performs a capture and calculates its position while the axis is still in motion. A superimposed motion is executed, changing the camera end position on-the-fly.  A newly calculated position, velocity and AC/DC is added to the ongoing motion.

Design Features

  • Creating superimposed motions is also possible using the G-MAS Script Manager (GSM)
  • Imposed motion is always on a Virtual Axis
  • The user can record before or after superimposed profiling is set

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