Develop, test and fine tune single axis motion

Used In:

  • Application development stages
  • Testing motion control hardware
  • Tuning servo drivers
  • Analyzing motion variables

The G-MAS Axis Motion is built in to the Elmo Application Studio (EAS). It can manage and control single axis motions, one-by-one, located under the EtherCAT / CANopen fieldbus Network.

Most of the motion commands provided by the G-MAS Axis Motion tool are based on the PLCopen standard. A simple user interface and built-in recording facility enable a user to test and analyze servo axes as individual parts of G-MAS based motion control system.

Developing, testing and tuning each axis one-by-one is a necessary preparation step for servo system components in any multi-axis application.

Design Features

  • Quickly change operation mode, set parameters and monitor status of G-MAS motion profiler parameters
  • Easily perform basic operations such as: Change Operation Mode, Make Driver, Enable/Disable, Make Point-to-Point, Jogging and Homing movements
  • Monitor axis status parameters such as: Position, Velocity, Current
  • Record and save motion variables for testing, tuning and debugging.
  • And much more…

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