One Elmo’s servo drive fits any servo application

Used In:

  • Any servo application system

Servo motors are found in a wide range of devices, such as, automated manufacturing mechanisms, robots, guidance systems and more.  Servo motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and they are powered, constructed and controlled differently.

There are two main types of servo motors:

  • DC servo motors – for direct current motor designs
  • Brushless servo motors – for synchronous motor designs

Elmo’s servo drives support ANY kind of servo motor and with utmost performance for:

  • Brushless Servo Motor
  • Brush Motor
  • Linear Servo Motor
  • Voice Coil (DC)
  • Planar
  • Stepper 2 Phase, 3 Phases (open and close loop)
  • Linear Stepper (open and close loop)
  • Gantry (customer sees “one motor only” X1+X2 =X)
  • Torques (DDR – Direct Drive Rotor)

Design Features

  • One Servo solution for any servo motor
  • Supports any type of servo feedback
  • Provides a wide range of rated power servo drives
  • High performance, richness of capabilities and very flexible

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