Analytic plant model and frequency response (gain and phase)

Used In:

  • Any servo tuning procedure

The first step of the tuning process is to identify the plant. Elmo’s Application studio (EASII) simplifies the system analysis process and lets you identify the plant with the click of a button.

The process is done by injecting fast, wide spectrum signal into the plant input (open loop) or by the controller command (closed loop). Then Elmo’s EASII analyzes the response and generates a plant model (Frequency Response). Based on the gathered data you will be able to determine the tuning controller parameters.
All gathered information will be graphically displayed.

Open loop current plant analysis by bode

Open loop current analysis by Nichols

Close loop current control responds to step command

Design Features

  • Analyze the system by Bode and Nichols
  • Show in frequency domain the plants, controller, open and closed loop
  • Show step/sine response in time domain
  • Display motor phases voltage in the verification process (Optional)


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