Real-time implementation of the error correction algorithms

Used In:

  • Any Gantry system
  • Application with liner movement axis

Most of Gantry systems are rigid. When the sensor and the mechanics are not perfectly aligned, the gantry (Yaw) control will continuously cause bridge misalignment, countered by excessive current in the system forcing bridge rearrangement.

Elmo solution is using error mapping to correct the misalignment between the Master and the Slave.

Error Mapping Results – Before and after error mapping performance comparison.


In the figure above it is evident, by the high currents during simple PTP motion the gantry yaw controller is (needlessly) applying great force to keep the gantry moving straight. Although the differential position error is small, the controller is over-straining to keep it in check.

When applying the error correction procedure, the mechanical imperfections are corrected by the control effortlessly. It is clear that the currents for correcting the differential errors are greatly diminished.


Design Features

  • Real-time error correction table implementation (on fly)
  • Correct the misalignment between the Master and the Slave
  • Implement by MIMO control algorithm

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