Perform a special homing procedure to measure the offset between two rails.

Used In:

  • Large gantry systems
  • Periodic tuning and maintenance

Large gantry systems often have mechanical limitations that do not allow placement of the two rail encoders in exact parallel, even though strict accuracy may be required by an application. Elmo’s drives use a special procedure to enable compensating for these limitations during real-time operation.

Home Offset Measurement is performed without the need to power off any axis (master or slave), avoiding any possibility that the bridge will be dragged by one motor only. Master/slave operation is maintained throughout the measurement sequence.

The procedure allows measuring the offset distance between two indexes which are located on the master and slave axis gantry rails. The User can to run the homing procedure anytime to measure the offset and to calibrate the gantry. Best results are achieved when the procedure is performed at regular intervals.

Elmo’s homing offset procedure also supports all DS-402 homing methods.

Design Features

  • Automatic, simple procedure that is executed from a PC
  • Multiple index detection capability
  • RLS/FLS limit switch detection
  • Support for all DS-402 homing methods
  • Ability to perform via .NET application

For further information and support click here.

For further information and support click here.

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