Parallel Output Brake for high current brake consumption

Used In:

  • Applications with high current brake consumption

Many servo applications are using electro mechanic brake as “fail safe” (power off brake). Used as load stop or hold during an electrical power failure.

Elmo’s digital servo drives output can be configured as parallel output brake for high current brake consumption, by paralleling the brake output we can eliminate the need for high current external switch components such as: transistor or relay and external power supply.

Each brake consumes a different current, derived from the torque brake technical specifications and the manufacturer’s design of the brake.

Electro mechanic brake samples

Application scenario:

A servo brake with current consumption of 650 mA is connected to the Gold Whistle servo drive.

Gold Whistle servo drive output specification

In the Gold Whistle servo drive series, the maximum total current consumption from all outputs is 750 mA (500 mA from output 4 + 250 mA from outputs 1+ 2 + 3).

In the given scenario the servo brake is connect to output 4 + output 3 in parallel to get 650 mA from the servo drive output.  Meaning we have a total of free 100mA remaining from output 1+2 for other application use.

Design Features

  • Reducing system overall costs- no need for external switch component such as transistor or relay and external power supply
  • Supports a wide range of power brake
  • Reduce external switch component installation time. Implementation simplicity
  • Built-in feature in all Elmo’s Gold servo drives
  • Easy configuration with EASII software tool

For further information and support click here.

For further information and support click here.