Built-in, fully-configurable Master-Slave Follower functionality

Used In:

  • Any application that can benefit from Followers for position, velocity or current

Elmo Gold drives use built-in, configurable Follower functions that bring flexibility to applications and can also serve to reduce complexity.

The drives support:

    • Position follower
    • Velocity follower
    • One Master/Many Slave combinations

Drive-level Master-Slave Follower functionality can be an ideal solution when:

    • Simple applications that require synchronization or coordination between multiple servo motors.  A Master-Follower connection makes it possible to perform the work without the need for multi-axis controllers, thus reducing cost.
    • Complicate multi-axis applications that use multiple groups of synchronized axes. A Master-Follower connection makes it possible to do perform part of the work at the driver level, thus reducing the load on the multi-axis controller as well as the real-time network.
    • Multiple-motors applications with friction characteristics, like electric vehicle using separate motors on each wheel/ axle, or rotation machines which rotate a cylindrical component on four rollers.

Follower parameters are easily configured in the EAS:

Master-Slave Follower port configuration is as follows:

  • Port C Index: Master driver generates the PWM current command.
  • Port A or Port B Index: Slave driver receives PWM current command.

Design Features

  • Flexibility in Master-Follower characteristics
  • Simple configuration using the EAS

For further information and support click here.

For further information and support click here.