Enables true synchronization between 2 Elmo’s Gold drives

Used In:

  • Any Gantry system
  • Any X/Y planar system

Elmo’s unique solution for true gantry application synchronization is a network based Master Slave MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) configuration. It is working as a stand-alone or as part of a distributed network-based motion control solution.

This MIMO control solution is based on a MIMO control structure, and is a general solution for standard Gantry systems and Planar X/Y systems.

It insures fast and precise machine operation, offers 1-D and 2-D dynamic error corrections and simplicity in implementation.

Elmo’s solutions for Gantry Stage:


Flexible Gantry System to demonstrate the advanced MIMO control

Before active angular θ Correction

gantry motion

After active angular θ correction

gantry motion

Design Features

  • Real time gantry axes synchronization
  • Network-based Master Slave MIMO configuration
  • Two servo control loops in Gantry systems:

    – Linear “Center” X location
    – Angular “Rotary” θ positioning

  • Reduce cost, no need for upper controller

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