Trigger a drive’s digital output as a function of position

Used In:

  • Vision camera triggering
  • Pick-and-Place machines
  • Inspection machines

Output Compare (OC) is the ability to trigger digital output based on a given position in mid-operation, enabling more complex functionality that is based on feedback.

The output pulse width can be based either on time or position parameters:

    • In time-based pulse, the pulse duration is X[µSec]. X is provided by the User during OC mode initialization.
    • In position-based pulse, the pulse duration is stretched between two positions, without any time limitations.

Elmo’s OC function also supports table modes, where the compare position parameter can be configured in a table prior to mode activation. Optionally, the OC function can be programmed by the User on-the-fly –while a previous OC function is working – to prepare another logical position section for the compare.

Two sensors in the drive support output compare:

    • Port A: related to Internal Quad Module 2
    • Port-B: related to Internal Quad Module 1

Both sensors can operate simultaneously with different outputs.

Design Features

  • Wide variety of supported types for compare function
  • Compare table Absolute Position and Time Duration
  • Compare Start Absolute Position + Delta Position
  • Special OC-related commands
  • Special OC- related error codes

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