Generates a motion profile by selecting an option from a wide variety

Used In:

  • Third party controller applications
  • Stand-alone applications
  • PC control applications

Elmo’s servo drives motion profile (trajectory) generates command reference in many ways.

The command signals can be a function of torque, velocity or position. Each reference command is suitable for any application, depends on profile requirements and the internal or external command source.

Elmo’s Servo drives offer a wide variety of reference command options as a built-in standard

  • Direct Communication
    Real-time drive communication command – Elmo’s digital servo drives communicate with various networks including EtherCAT, CANopen, Ethernet, USB, and RS232.
  • User program
    In-drive program written and stored in the drive’s non-volatile memory. In this mode the motor profile generates from the drive internal program code.
  • ±10V Analog input
    The profile build by external analog voltage signal
  • PWM command
    The profile is built by external PWM signal
  • Pulse and Direction
    The profile is built by external step and direction signals
  • Encoder Follower
    In Follower mode, the external reference command tracks the auxiliary encoder velocity/position mode at a ratio that is defined by the user.
  • ECAM
    An acronym for electronic CAM, in which the position reference to the drive is not proportional to the total external inputs, but is rather a function of them.
  • Jogging
    The user specifies the motor steady velocity and acceleration limit in order to achieve the target velocity.

Design Features

  • A great variety of reference command modes as standard in Elmo’s servo drives
  • Three way reference command setting: External, Internal or via Communication
  • Includes ECAM (electronic gearing) for a non-liner trajectory function

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For further information and support click here.

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