Elmo Application Studio II (EASII) – version 2.7

Explore the innovative updates and latest new features!

Simplify the implementation process of any motion application with EASII 2.7, designed specifically

to shorten your machine’s time to market, and brings forward new tools and features.

Main New Features:

Platinum Drive Support:

All the configuration you need for the Platinum Drive is easily accessible on the new EASII 2.7: EtherCAT configuration, motion configuration, parameter recording and much more…


With the included Recorder function, you can organize your recording time & resolution, convert (or keep) imported file’s recordings and even combine two separate files into one.

Maestro Configurator:

The Maestro Configurator now allows the user to configure the hexapod robot kinematic. While the bottom plate is fixed, the axes move the top plate in all 6 dimensions (X, Y, Z, U, V, W).

Maestro Script Manager:

With the Maestro Script Manager you are able to generate C# and C++ codes with the same logic while running them on either your PC or the Maestro