Gold Twitter With Enhanced Option

Gold Twitter can now be operated with a single power source for up to 95V

As part of Elmo’s continuous engineering efforts, our R&D team was able to integrate a higher voltage internal supply into the ultra-small
Gold and Gold Solo Twitter. The new option will allow for a single source to power both, drive logic and power.


Single Power Source

G-TWI with rated voltage of “80V” and “100V” can now operate from a single power supply. VL (Control Supply)

and VP+ (Power Supply) operating from a single source is a huge benefit for machine builders.

Enhanced Performances

The single control supply topology contributes to lower EMI, and reduced sensitivity to poor external wiring.

F3 Compliant

The strict compliance with the F3 rules (Fit, Form, Function) ensures transparent usage for customers that currently use G-TWI.

Ordering Option

For ordering the single power supply G-TWI, add the suffix “S” to the part number.
For example: G-TWIR80/80EES