Elmo Motion Control empowers the packaging industry solutions

Elmo provides the greatest flexibility and productivity for motion control solutions in the packaging industry and labeling technology, enabling higher operation speeds and accuracy, top reliability, quick changeovers, and reduced downtime for packaging machines. From concept to commissioning to installation, Elmo stands by our customers and packaging solutions every step of the way. No matter what the size of your machine, we provide globally accepted packaging solutions for your local challenges that are simple to implement, yet effective at handling the most challenging requirements.

Precise and Accurate Motion

Multi-axis synchronization with advanced servo control

Compact and Light

Extreme power density with minimal size and weight

Accurate Force Control

Continuous sensing ensures safety of surroundings

Fan-Less Advanced Packaging Technology

99% Efficiency generates minimal heat thus reducing the need for cooling fans and heat sinks

Easy to Implement

“Mount it anywhere” and the intuitive use of EASII shorten time to market.

Efficient Multi-Axis Synchronization

Precise Axis control made possible by advanced servo control.

Recommended Products for Packaging Solutions and Industrial Labeling Solutions

While all of Elmo’s Gold drives can handle the rigors of labeling and packaging applications, the Gold Whistle is the most popular choice for this industry for its power and footprint.

Elmo Case Studies

Boost bottle capping and labeling efficiency with Elmo

A bottling company wanted to replace their mechanical cam with an electronic cam to improve efficiency without making major mechanical modifications.

Cutting-Edge Motion Control Accelerates Bottle Labeling

Elmo provides new leading industrial quality performance for labeling and capping machines with line speeds of over 60K labels per hour.