High-end software development using IEC and other languages

Used In:

  • PLCOpen and IEC standards-based environments
  • Alternative to C/C++ programming for  high end software solutions

The IEC G-MAS PLCOpen programming tool is built in to the Elmo Application Studio (EAS). It enables development of G-MAS programs in full accordance with the IEC standard and supports all five IEC languages.

A programmer can use all standard PLC-Open motion functions and administrative functions that are supported by G-MAS. The tool enables Built-in complete and complicated software for a wide range of high end motion solutions. It includes abundant sample code, motion libraries and templates to ease and simplify integration.

Using the IEC G-MAS PLCOpen tool, a programmer can Built-in libraries which can be reused in multiple projects and software solutions. The tool features a simple, intuitive graphical user interface.

The tool also enables users without any programming knowledge to exploit most G-MAS software capabilities.

The IEC G-MAS PLCOpen tool supports IEC 61131-3, which defines both graphical and textual PLC programming language standards:

Design Features

  • Easy-to-use graphical and textual development environment
  • Supports all five IEC standard languages: IL, ST, LD, FBD, SFC
  • Select a preferred IEC language or a mix of several programming languages in the same project
  • Includes ready-to-use motion libraries and sample code examples
  • Motion templates in all supported languages
  • Manage the performance of all complex motion features that are supported by G-MAS
  • Supports conditional and time-based state modules
  • Run as standalone program within G-MAS
  • Supports wide variety of communications protocols, including: TCP/UDP IP, Ethernet/IP, MODBUS and IOs
  • Provides HTML-based HMI tool
IEC 61131-3 Motion Design for G-MAS