Safer, Smarter, Smaller, Simpler
Functional Safety Certified for Harsh Environment.NEW
Composer2, Drive level SIL (Software In the Loop)NEW

The Platinum ExtrIQ is a Line of STD “Off The Shelf” High Performance Servo Drives And most advance Motion Controllers Designed, Verified and “Field Proven” to operate in Extreme Environmental Conditions


Ambient Operating Temperature

-40°C to +70°C

Thermal Shock

-40°C to +70°C within 3 min


-400 m to 12,000 m (-1312 to 39370 feet)

Relative Humidity

up to 95% non-condensing at 25°C
up to 90% non-condensing at 42°C


20 Hz –2000 Hz, 14.6 grms

Mechanical Shock

Half sine, 11 msec., 3 per direction (overall 18)

In addition to enduring the most extreme  environment the ExtrIQ exhibits top servo performance, super compact sizes, high efficiency, negligible EMI, High Reliability and answering any servo and motion requirements. The durability is verified by the most severe Environmental, EMC and Safety Standards.

Platinum Line HighlightsNEW

  • Best-In-Class servo performance.
  • Ultra Small, High Current Servo Drives
  • Harsh Environment Functional Safety Certified Servo Drives.
  • Higher bandwidth, faster response, enhanced linearity, and highest control resolutions
  • High Precision EtherCAT with cycling down to 100us, high synchronization with negligible jitters and near-zero latency
  • Rich feedback support: up to three simultaneously, or two absolute feedbacks
  • Composer2, Proprietary Drive Level SIL( Software In The Loop) capability
  • High processing power with large memory resources for better control, enhanced processing, and real-time recording
  • Ethercat logo
  • UL
  • Any motor
  • Any feedback

Platinum Bee

Platinum Hornet