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Turning Humans into Robots

Wearable technology has become a common term with the rise of smart watches, glasses, and other gadgets and accessories. One other wearable technology serves a much more important purpose, Exoskeletons.

These wearable, battery operated devices are designed to assist people with injuries during the rehabilitation state, or in their day-to-day life in case of more permanent injuries.

Powered Exoskeletons require technology from within which is powerful, compact, safe, and energy-efficient. High current/low voltage servo drives are required for generating high torque, but are required to be as light as possible for the portable device.

Elmo’s miniature Gold servo drives are compact and powerful, with SIL-3 level STO safety, EtherCAT or CANopen, and over 99% efficiency in power conversion. These drives are used for the reliable motion of rehabilitation devices, and for ensuring increased human strength and endurance in power-suits.
“It’s not about what you wear, it’s about how you live your life”

Turning Humans into Robots

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