Automated CANopen configuration and instant availability

Used In:

  •  Networks using CANopen protocol

When working with a CANopen network, the user can easily configure the network with the help of the Elmo Application Studio (EAS). After a simple configuration procedure, the network is ready. Performing motion via the G-MAS master is only a mouse click away.

Elmo’s G-MAS multi-axis controller fully supports CANopen communication. It supports multiple numbers of CANopen slaves as well as multiple slave types (DS402, DS401, DS406).

The Elmo Application Studio (EAS) EtherCAT Configurator makes the CANopen configuration quick and easy using a graphical user interface.

Once the network is physically set up, a user simply needs to add CANopen devices under the G-MAS tree together with their CAN IDs, and the devices are ready for motion.

G-MAS is also able to control and monitor the devices using standard CANopen functions, including:

  • Error control with HEARTBEATs
  • Synchronizing the CAN bus with SYNC messages
  • Uploading and downloading CANopen objects with SDO messages
  • Efficient data exchange with PDO messages
  • EMERGENCY messages notifications to user


Design Features

  • Easy network configuration
  • Access to real-time CANopen network information
  • EMERGENCY messages, error codes and SDO abort codes textual description
  • Communication to drives via the drive’s native language
  • Automatic PDO mapping of common CANopen objects
  • Manual mapping of user selected PDOs
  • Configure automatic PDO mappings at startup
  • Configure automatic SDO sending at startup
  • And much more…
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