PLCopen-compliant motion buffers (function blocks)

Used In:

  • All motion applications
  • High-end motion applications requiring a precise parameter change at the end of a specific function block

When a motion function call is inserted, a function block (FB) representing the motion is created.  FBs are used in both NC and Distributed operation modes. G-MAS supports a total queue of 1000 FBs.

At the end of a specified FB, using the administrative FB mechanism, a user can precisely change motion parameters (including parameters that are mapped to a communication), IOs and maximum torque.

The axis status and the FB queue status can be queried. This status represents the PLCopen status for the axis.

Design Features

The FB may be:

  • Buffered to the previous motion (the motion block will start only when previous motion block ended).
  • Blended to the previous motion
  • Abort the previous motion (function block call will stop the ongoing function blocks)

Supported administrative FBs:

  • Dwell — Precise wait
  • WriteGroupOfParameters – Ability to write up to 5 parameters in a single FB call
  • Stop

2D Motion with Precise Torque Change:

IO Change at Precise Location:

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