Intelligent limits handling for software as well as hardware

Used In:

  • Both single and multi-axis motion applications

Because the G-MAS monitors and controls all motion in the system, it not only understands hardware limits, but also handles software limits for single axis and multi-axis applications.

A user can configure Hardware Limits and Software Limits in order to limit or stop a specific motion should a critical constraint be reached, thus protecting system components from damage.

Multi-axis limit handling is supported as follows:

  • ACS Axis level:
    • High Limit
    • Low Limit
  • MCS Group level:
    • High Limit Array
    • Low Limit Array

Handling for a specified Jerk and DC can be configured in detail, in order to ensure proper deceleration. When a Group limit is entered, the deceleration will occur “along the path”.


Design Features

  • Limits handing for software and hardware
  • Single axis limits handling
  • Multi axis limit handling:
    • ACS – Axis level
    • MCS – Group level
  • Dedicated status registers that report current limits status (for both single and multi-axis applications)
  • Presentation:Handling Limits in G-MAS HW and SW
    • Why Handle Limits in G-MAS?
    • Interfaces
    • Behavior When Inserting a Function Block
    • Real Time Behavior
    • System Constraints and Limitations
  • API: Interfaces to GMAS Limits Handling

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