Improve noise immunity for feedback signals

Used In:

  • Quadrature, sine/cosine, and absolute encoders

In some environments, unwanted signals (for example, those emanating from RF receivers) can add unwanted noise that impacts feedback signals. In such situations, glitch filtering can be used to remove unwanted noise and help to ensure that only the desired signals are passed as feedback.

Glitch filtering uses a digital sampling mechanism with an input qualifier. The sampling rate is programmable, and can be adapted to a variety of signal bandwidths.

For glitch filtering of A and B encoders, the sampling window is defined as a function of drive velocity. For glitch filtering of serial communication signals, the sampling window is defined as a function of serial communication timing.

Design Features

  • Filtering of A and B encoder inputs for
    • Quadrature encoder
    • Quadrature component of Sin/Cos encoder
  • Filtering of serial communication signal for:
    • Absolute position sensors