Simple and flexible assignment of motor feedbacks

Used In:

  • System feedbacks configuration
  • Motor sensor configuration
  • External sensor configuration

Elmo uses a unique ‘socket’ concept to make the assignment of multiple encoder and external sensor feedbacks easier and more flexible.

During motor setup, the user selects and assigns the sensors that will be required to provide the necessary feedback to the motion controller and the system.

Using the Elmo Application Studio (EAS), any feedback can be assigned to any of four virtual sockets for reporting. Using software-based sockets eliminates some limitations of physical interfaces, supports numerous software options and improves overall configuration flexibility.

Any socket can be used as the feedback source for position loop, velocity loop, commutation, position gain scheduling, or current/velocity/position reference.

For example, in a dual loop system, when a Port B incremental encoder is assigned to Socket 1, the Port A serial absolute sensor can be assigned to Socket 2. Socket 1 can serve as the commutation and velocity source, while Socket 2 can be used for position information.

Design Features

    • Up to four virtual sockets are available for feedback assignments
    • A single configuration method is used for encoder sensors as well as external sensors
    • Supports encoder-specific parameters
    • Enables complete flexibility for assignment
    • Supports automatic or manual assignment to sockets