Protecting the motor from over current mode

Used In:

  • Application that needs over-current motor protection
  • Any Torque limitation application

Elmo’s servo drives protect the motor from over-current, using two-stage methods:

  1. Continues Current Limitation, Defines the maximum continuous current allowed.  It
    protects the motor from over-current and the load from excessive torques.
  2. Peak Current Limitation – Defines the maximum peak current allowed. The maximum peak duration time that allowed is 3 [sec]. If the current is close to its continuous limit, the allowed time for the peak current is reduced.

The protection parameters can be defined by the user.

Current Limitation Setting by Elmo’s Application Studio II (EASII)

Current Limitation Real Scenario

  1. The motor runs without any load – motor current is 90 [ma]
  2. The motor is loaded with high mass – motor current rises to the peak current limitation 1 [A]
  3. After 3 [sec] (peak time) – the motor current drops to the maximum continues current 0.5 [A]

Design Features

  • Determine the over current motor protection – eliminates motor overheating and damaged.
  • Enables setting-up system mechanics protection by torque limitation
  • Easy configuration by only 3 parameters (Current limits, Peak limit and Peak duration)

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