High-Power Density Drives Propel Soft Target for ADAS Testing

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as anti-collision systems, lane-departure warning systems, and adaptive cruise control constitute a rapidly growing segment of the automotive market. To help developers test their systems without damaging the vehicles involved, AB Dynamics has developed the Guided Soft Target (GST). The GST consists of a disposable vehicle mockup (the Soft Car 360) mounted on an autonomous robotic platform. To be effective, the autonomous robot needs to propel the soft shell at highway speeds while preserving a low enough profile that a direct collision with the test car will not damage that vehicle’s wheels or suspension. AB Dynamics achieved that combination of characteristics with the aid of high-speed motors powered by compact, high-power-density servo drives from Elmo Motion Control. “When we reached out to Elmo, we had some very specific requirements in terms of form factor, power density, and reliability,” says Matthew Hubbard, chief operations officer at AB Dynamics. “They worked with us to deliver exactly what we needed.”

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