Elmo’s motion solutions for safe, productive, and accurate Laser Cutting applications

Laser cutting solutions throughput and quality are determined primarily by the speed and accuracy around corners. With Elmo motion solutions, Laser Cutting machines can consistently maintain high accuracy around corners without compromising on speed. Driven by an effective servo control and innovative motion algorithms, the Elmo technology enables Polynomial Corner Blending, Jerk, and acceleration control and allows you to gain scheduling for varying position-based behaviors of the machine. Elmo’s products can be used with a wide variety of machine structures, while supporting APIs in .NET and C/CPP.

Effective laser cutter motion controller

High-power-high-density servo drives controlling the X, Y, Z, Theta and R motors as well as the laser’s power according to the path’s speed.

Advanced distributed networking

Distributed network controller supports smooth trajectory planning, ensuring full jerk control and highly accurate and smooth continuity in velocity and accelerations over corners and arc motions.

2D, 3D Error Correction Support

Error correction compensation for mechanical inaccuracies.

High compatibility

The products offer various laser control options, different types of HW connection, and support different types of machine structures.

Automated laser intensity control

The system can automatically control the laser intensity from G-Code (.Cad files) tool, including path design, configuration, M-file creation, simulation and execution.

Simple implementation

Demonstration and test capabilities using the EASII “All in One” tool.

Elmo Laser Cutting Solutions

While all of Elmo’s drives can handle the challenges of Laser Cutting applications, the Gold Twitter is the most popular choice for this industry for its power and footprint.

Elmo Case Studies

Laser Cutting Solutions at the Forefront of Technology

When an innovative laser equipment manufacturer sought to produce next-generation laser-cutting machine, Elmo’s servo drives and controller proved the best fit.

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Elmo’s Solution for Diamond Laser Cutting

Elmo provides a comprehensive motion control solution tailored for the design and operation of diamond laser cutting systems.

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